August 11, 2023

Choosing the Perfect Paint Colors for Your Home

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Choosing the Perfect Paint Colors for Your Home
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Choosing the right paint colors is a pivotal step in transforming your living spaces into a harmonious blend of comfort and style. As an interior designer with a fondness for multiple aesthetics, I understand the significance of paint colors in achieving that perfect balance between rustic charm, contemporary elegance, and timelessness. In this blog, I’ll walk you through the thought process behind selecting ideal paint colors!

Embrace Neutral Foundations: Start by selecting neutral shades like soft whites, warm grays, and gentle beiges for your walls. These tones create a soothing backdrop that allows your furniture and decor to shine.

Consider Earthy Accents: To infuse a touch of rustic charm, incorporate earthy tones inspired by nature. Think of muted greens reminiscent of pastures and muted blues that evoke a serene sky. These colors can be used for accent walls, cabinets, or even statement furniture pieces.

Consider Wooden Undertones: If the wood tones throughout your home are warmer or lean more towards the cool end of the spectrum you will want to make note of this. Choose paint colors that complement the wood tones used throughout your home. Look for paint shades that have warm undertones like creamy whites or soft taupes. These colors will harmonize beautifully with neutral wooden furniture and flooring.

Contrast with Bold Blacks: Modern interiors often benefit from a touch of contrast. Introduce depth by using dark, bold colors like deep charcoal or classic black for trim, doors, or even a focal wall. This creates a refined balance against the softer hues.

Test in Different Lighting: Paint colors can appear different under various lighting conditions. Before committing, test your chosen colors in both natural daylight and artificial lighting. This ensures that the colors look as intended in all scenarios before you commit.

Stay True to Your Style: Don’t be afraid to add a hint of your personality. Select one or two accent colors that resonate with you. These accent colors could be bold or soft hues that align with the overall style, as long as the accent makes sense for the look you’re hoping to achieve. Don’t forget, you could also utilize a wallpaper in place of a bold colored accent wall. Have fun with this!

Selecting the right paint colors for your space can make all the difference in the ultimate design of the space. Fresh paint creates a backdrop for everything else within a design to truly shine.

If you’re in the process of picking out paint colors and want to try before you buy in order to test in different lighting or compare specific colors next to your wood tones then you might love utilizing one of my favorite resources: Samplize!

Samplize offers large peel & stick paint samples that are delivered overnight at an insanely cost effective price. These are my go-to’s when I’m working on in-person projects.

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